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“Unleash the Fun with Altius Dispensary’s Selection of Green Goodies!”

Avid gardener? Maybe not in the traditional sense. And quite likely, you’d be hesitant to share your penchant for perennials with Grandma. In this unorthodox garden, it’s not tomatoes, but buds–each one a hand-trimmed bouquet of bliss. Welcome to Altius Dispensary, home to your favorite recreational chemist’s lab, and mind-altering horticulturist paradise right in the heart of the lusciously green Lindenhurst, IL.

This ain’t just your average “Pot Shop”–Altius Dispensary is a Cannabis Store with a difference. We dare you to contain your giggles as you walk down the aisles, packed with buds that are F-U-N personified. The only thing higher than the recreational weed in our Marijuana Dispensary is our dedication to quality. And when it involves green stuff, the word ‘quality’ speaks volumes, my friends.

Whether you’re in Waukegan, Antioch, Fox Lake, Pleasant Prairie, or merry Gurnee, you can now puff away to peace, and chuckle the day away. Just remember – those snacks aren’t going to stalk themselves in the pantry afterward. Happy browsing, happy blazing!